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Jody M.W. van den Ouweland, PhD is a Laboratory Director and Clinical Chemist at the Department of Clinical Chemistry at Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He studied Chemistry at Leiden University and received his PhD degree in 1994 on the discovery of a type 2 diabetic subtype (MIDD). His main interest is in the field of diabetes, endocrinology and clinical biomarkers. In the area of analytical chemistry his focus is on mass spectrometric and chromatographic methods for quantitative measurement of low molecular weight biomarkers, such as vitamins, steroids and amino acids. He has published over 50 papers in the field of Clinical Chemistry.

Rob Janssen, MD PhD is a pulmonologist specialized in COPD (particularly alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency) and interstitial lung diseases at the Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He obtained his PhD in 2006 at the University Medical Center Utrecht. He did his pulmonary medicine training in the St Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein and was registered as a pulmonologist in October 2008. He is experienced in translational elastin research in COPD and IPF. He was the first to describe a reversed association between vitamin K and the rate of elastin degradation. Currently, his team is assessing whether vitamin K supplementation may decelerate elastin degradation in patients with COPD. Furthermore, he  hypothesized that regain of lost lung function may be feasible in patients with centrilobular emphysema by stimulating elastin repair processes. He is the research supervisor of 2 PhD students.

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